Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Unchained Gang

God, how I love the seminary I attended!

Joe Hough, President, Union Theological Seminary, and Nick Carter, President, Andover Newton Theological School, have issued a statement condemning the political actions of the IRS against All Saints' Church in Pasadena and are calling upon all persons of faith to join in the demand that the pulpits of this nation remain free and unfettered.

View the Call to Free and Unfettered Pulpits and sign the Call if you feel so moved.

Incidentally, fetters are restraints chained around the ankles or calves to prevent a prisoner (or a slave) from escaping. The apostle Paul in his letters referred to the feet of those who preach the gospel as "beautiful" (Romans 10:15; Isaiah 52:7). The letter to the Hebrews (12:1) likened the journey of faith to a foot race to be run with perseverance. Ironically, the restrictions of the First Amendment are borne by the government, not the Church.

I am a proud member of the class of '91, Andover Newton Theological School, Newton Centre, MA.


Andy said...

I loved your Seminary, too. They certainly knew how to throw a party.

Cynthia said...

Now wait a've always said those semi-formals were a little sad, which they were but in a fun and funny way.

I hope you signed the Call, you wise ass.