Sunday, February 05, 2006

Fat?! Phat is more like it!

I am 5'3", 137 lbs. (size 10) and recently declared healthy by my primary care physician. Friday morning I was listening to a story on NPR about how French women are now on the average 5'3" and 138 lbs. I thought, "Wonderful! Now one of the most fashionable countries has some real women for whom they can design real fashion!" Instantly I felt more affectionate toward my belly and hips and trés française.

Imagine my shock and horror when I looked up the story on the website and found this title:

French Women Can Get Fat, It Turns Out

I have since written an e-mail to Morning Edition and am awaiting Thursday morning when they read letters from listeners. Woe to the writer if he be male...and pity if she be female.


Andy said...

"Les OOPS!" - NPR Author

Cynthia said...

Les tres grand OOPS!