Tuesday, November 14, 2006


remember the dead
and those still

with us draw breath
Remember veterans
and armistice
reasoning for war
the wreckage of a man’s
and a woman’s
living, family, a nation,
a world, that it never ends
anything but life

Remember to vote
that fierce whisper
amid the chattering clamor
power to say enough

a thwarted gunpowder plot
all those who would tear
asunder that which is joined

Remember to give thanks
not eat too much
make room at the table
and that Advent is coming soon
Remember me, he said
whenever you break bread
and pour wine to share

students in Prague
and the Velvet Revolution
the golden queen’s
ascension and deathbed
remember the Compassionate
One enthroned in Tibet
yet to return

Remember the owl
her silent flight beneath

Orion's watchful eye
the cloistered bee
the beauty of bare trees

a carpet of russet and gold
not to be seen for another year

the seed, the sunken bulb,

the misplaced acorn and walnut
the promise of life

cycled within death


Andy said...

Nice job, Cindy.

I find the last two stanzas this poem very moving somehow - almost primal. Well done.

Cynthia said...

Thanks, Andy.

I wrote this one for a friend's birthday this month, a fellow poet.