Friday, April 20, 2007

Where in Hell...?

If you took the quiz about the circle of Dante's inferno in which you would reside, here is a flash guide to each of the circles. Wait patiently through the loading phase and read Dante's powerful words that warn those who enter.

(Note: Personally, I don't believe in hell as Dante or most other people describe it. I believe we create our own hells here on earth, possibly even after we die. But we are never beyond the reach of God nor the power of Love. If you have ever seen the movie What Dreams May Come, you know what I mean.)

Two poems that illustrate:

Dante by Wendell Berry

If you imagine/others are there/you are there yourself.

And from Yeats...

But Love has pitched her mansion in/The place of excrement;/For nothing can be sole or whole/That has not been rent.

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Mystical Seeker said...

I don't believe in hell as it is usually conceived either. I think that if there is subjective experience after death, it cannot be beyond God's infinite love. I liked the Robin Williams movie that you refer to, by the way.