Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No papal pastoral visit for Boston

From The Boston Globe:

A hearty welcome, a contrite tone


For local victims, too little, too late

If this had happened in the United Church of Christ, there is no way the adjudicatory clergy staff could get away with not making a pastoral visit to the victims and their families. The very stones would cry out if the faith community would remain silent...NOT.

Archbishop Pietro Sambi, the apostolic nuncio hosting the Pope in D.C., was asked why Benedict XVI did not schedule a visit to Boston, the eye of the sexual abuse storm. In his reply he said that it was not that the Pope wished to avoid highlighting the sex abuse scandal but that he did not have time to visit many cities, such as San Francisco. Sheesh!


Andy said...

...and the hypocrisy of the Catholic church marches on, unabated...

Cynthia said...

Could we then call this visit a papal smear?

Andy said...

LOL! Yes! Yes we could!