Friday, June 27, 2008

Going with God

Tomorrow I am headed once again to Oaxaca, Mexico with 14 adults and college students for our church's mission trip to Casa Hogar. If you'd like to see what we're up to, click here to see daily photos and blog posts of our goings-on. Our main project will be building a cinderblock home for one of the 33 families that lives and works at the Oaxaca garbage dump. Last year we built the first one; this year we're on #16. We'll also be visiting, playing with, and eating with more than 70 children at Casa Hogar.

It's a week like no other, very full with the power to empty my mind of all its pettiness. Well, most of it. I ask your prayers for the safety and well-being of our group and prayers for the children and their caregivers and the resident workers at the dump. And for Kristen and Bryan, fearless leaders of Simply Smiles, Inc. who introduced us to Casa Hogar. When we return late on July 5, we'll be leading worship the next morning. Dios te bendiga.


Andy said...

God bless you on your journey, my friend.

Jan said...

Prayers and safe travels.