Thursday, November 01, 2012

The undiscovered country, part 2

Well, another temporary gig is finished without another one in sight...nor an interview for a settled gig.  Usually this leaves me feeling like a spider's silk swinging in the breeze.  Recently, though, I've discovered that this isn't a bad thing.  Have you ever wondered how a spider gets those threads over such a distance?  She spins and spins and spins a very long thread.  Then she waits for a breeze to waft her to a branch, a stem, a leaf, a post--anything that she can land on.  If she can affix her sticky silk to her landing place, then she begins the next anchor thread of her web.  If not, she tries again and again until she sticks.  So here's to me sticking somewhere!

For now I plan to do some volunteering at a couple of places. One is Simply SmilesI've done some data entry for them in the past; they probably still need to do more, entering all the volunteers they've had on mission trips over the past 10 years. The other is an outreach ministry at United Church in Bridgeport. This is a church that takes the gospel seriously by ministering to those in their midst. They feed over 200 people a week with a community supper. On Thanksgiving they'll feed over 800 folks! They do afterschool tutoring, ESL education, addiction recovery, children's art program--lots to do and be a part of.

If I am too idle, I am miserable. I like having the freedom of a flexible schedule but I need somewhere to put my energy. To all of you who have been praying for me, many thanks and please keep it up! I'm praying for you too.


Andy said...

An Outreach Ministry that takes the gospel seriously by ministering to those in their midst seems like it's right up your spiritual alley.

Have you ever thought of starting an organization like that of your own?

Just wondering...

Cynthia said...

OMG...literally. I have but it feels overwhelming. I'm not the entreprenuerial type. I'd like to help a church morph into this type of ministry.