Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Live the way we're made

This past Sunday we didn't have a typical sermon.  I had arrived the night before by train from visiting my family for Thanksgiving.  Happily, this is a church that cares more about the integrity of message rather than its form.

So I gave some introductory comments to set the tone.

I reminded folks of a classic Star Trek episode, entitled "Wink of an Eye", about a species of humanoids whose metabolism is so accelerated that they are rendered invisible to the human eye.

This video contains time-lapse photography in which we see the blooming of flowers, the sunrise and sunset in a span of seconds.  Imagine if our lives were filmed with time-lapse photography.  Would we be rendered to a blur by all of our activity?

Advent is a time to slow down, to allow ourselves to see the way God works, so we can live the way we we're made.

Text:  Isaiah 2: 5-10

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