Thursday, January 02, 2014

The word for the year is...

For the past few years, instead of making a New Year's resolution that would eventually own me, I have carried a word with me through the year, to guide and challenge me.  Click here to see the previous words.

I take some time to quiet my mind, yet still asking a question like "What do I need to focus on this year?" or "How can I move forward in my life?" or "What would bring me joy?"  Then I wait for a word to bubble up from within.

Another question that influenced me this year was "By what authority do I live?"  As I said in a previous sermon, will fear be my authority or love?  Certainly love would be a good word by which to be guided and challenged.  But I was also looking for a word that would help with fear.

The word for this year is...imagine.  Too often we project our fears onto others and into the world, when we could be using all that energy to fire our imaginations and kindle our hope.  And though John Lennon's lyrics come readily to mind, I'd also like to imagine some ideas closer to home.

Imagine my family all living under one roof.

Imagine growing into being the pastor of the New Ark.

Imagine the possibilities of ministry in this local UCC church.

Imagine new poems.

Imagine some art projects, especially congregational art projects.

Imagine singing with a chorale or some other group.  Gospel would be great!

Imagine something I have no idea about.  A surprise, a Holy Spirit maneuver.

Imagine new friends and keeping in touch with long-distance friends.

What will you imagine for you and for this world in 2014?

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