Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Psalm of Awesomeness

This past week was Celebration Sunday, when we honor our teachers and graduates, and the high school youth plan the worship service.

This is a psalm written by three teenage girls - can you see the influences?


O God, your forgiveness is
          Like a big bowl of comfort food:
                   Ramen noodles
                   Fish fingers and custard
                   Smart Food White Cheddar popcorn.
We need your forgiveness because we have sinned,
Because we cannot always hold true to your commandments.
We know we did wrong but we also know
          We can work to make it better.
          Your acceptance is
                   like a mother’s hug
                   An open door
                   No matter who you are or where you are
                             On life’ journey, you’re welcome here.
     You paint the world
          You Van Gogh the stars
          You Monet the garden
     You are the Composer of the universe
          The symphony of Life.
     You sculpt all of creation.
     You spark an idea in our minds
          And kindle our creativity.

     Even the strongest people
          Can’t take on the world by themselves;
     No one remains virtuous forever.
     We see the way the world is going;
     Sometimes it all looks dark and gray;
          Other times it looks bright and green.
     Even if life as we know it ends
          We know that the ending of life
          Provides the pathway to new life.

     O God, you are our North Star
          You are our Doctor
                     our Helping Hand
                     our Parent teaching us to walk, to ride a bike.
You are the Force, created by all living things, that    
 surrounds us, fills us, and binds the galaxy together.

     Huzzah, O God!  Huzzah!

          —Psalm of Awesomeness: A Celebration of Awe and Life
Written by Hannah Cooper, Andrea Kingsbury, and Olivia Kingsbury

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