Friday, April 07, 2006

WHO is THAT??? - Part Deux, Answer

Hard to believe that this innocent-looking boy could grow up to be that scary-looking man. Once again, Andy Peterson recognized the mystery guy.

Yes, that's teen idol (never made it to my bedroom wall) Leif Garrett.

No more guessing games for me. I can't seem to find anyone obscure and obscured enough to stump anyone or at least Andy. So stay tuned for Palm Sunday's sermon, entitled "A Different Kind of Parade".


Andy said...

Hard to believe that this bozo was ever schtupping* Nicolette Sheridan.

* "Schtupping" is an ancient Babylonian term for doing the nasty.

Cynthia said...

Yeah, I saw a picture of the two of them when I went looking for this one.

Schtupping??? Babylonian??? Sounds more like something Colonel Klink might have said, like "I am 'schtupping' them from escaping!"

Andy said...

Actually, I think it sounds more like Siegfried from "Get Smart".

And anyone reading this post under the age of 30 just said "Who?"