Wednesday, April 05, 2006

WHO is THAT??? Part Deux

This one is way too sad.

Here's another seventies teen idol. He was arrested and charged with possession of heroin. Have you seen some the photos of what crystal meth can do to a person? What heroin was in the '70's is what crystal meth is now, only it's cheaper and more lethal. A fatal combination.

The only hope for this guy is that this is the bottom; if he realizes it, he can start over and make another life. Right now he is a mere shell of what he used to be.

So, you who dare to look upon this gruesome face, WHO is THAT???


Andy said...

So you've posted another photo, eh? Okay, let's check it out...

Oh, now this is just SAD. Look at this poor bastard.

Although, truth be told, I hated LEIF GARRETT in the 1970s and nothing he has done since then has improved my opinion of him any.

Cynthia said...

You're just too good for me. I bow before your supreme intellect. ;-)

I think I'll just hang up this particular hat.

Andy said...

I was NEVER too good for you - more the reverse, actually.

But thank you, my friend.