Monday, May 18, 2009

I am who I am

Bravo, dear blogfriends, bravo! Author, author!

Many entries gave me a laugh:

Calvin Himmelfahrt: Humanity is a damned mess, with a German 'heaven by way of gas' inference.

Donald Spare-de-Rod: Scottish Presbyterian humor, I'm told, with a proverbial-French motif.

Aloysius B. Right: Name recognition thanks to the movie "Doubt" and would make the Car Talk guys envious.

Harold B. Thyname: Wonderful harkening back to those childhood interpretations of the faith.

And the winner is....(drumroll, please)....

Saintly Ramblings with the entry Justin Case: beautifully astute, pithy, and punny. So be looking for our friend Justin to show up now and again, with commentary that will hopefully live up the reputation of his name.

Kudos to all who entered and many thanks to MadPriest who sent folks this way with their creative guns blazing.

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