Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Freedom and responsibility, Part Duh!

from Google News:

Judge sues over lost trousers

He wouldn't take another pair that had cuffs--he never wears cuffs! The Korean family that own the cleaners offered him $10,000--he wouldn't take it. He's suing the pants off this hard-working family (to the tune of $54 M) because they lost one pair of his.

A decision will be rendered on Friday.

COMMENT: Now that's what I call a trousersnake, SpongeRoy No-Pants.


Grandmère Mimi said...

And him a judge. You'd think he'd have to sit through this sort of nonsense enough every day, that he would not want to inflict it on someone else. And over a pair of pants!

Well, I read the link, and I see that he's retired. Maybe he misses all the excitement.

Cynthia said...

Some have chalked this up to a messy divorce he's involved in, as in, his wife took him to the cleaners. (Sorry, this story is rife with puns.)