Thursday, July 19, 2007

Summer sightings

My mother's husband, David, is an amateur photographer and a very good one. He has printed calendars of family photos for my daughters, compiled pictures from vacations and from an outing to the Bronx Zoo into small albums for them, and designs his own Christmas card with a montage from the previous year.

These were taken from his kayak while on the Charles River in South Natick, MA.

You can see more of David's photography at his website.

(This isn't an advertisement, just a desire to share some beauty.)


sharecropper said...

Thanks, Cynthia, for these beautiful pictures. I'll be checking out David's website. We've seen heron and deer while on our jet skis as we near the end of our creek, but do we ever have a camera - no.

Cynthia said...

I think David's camera has become a part of his anatomy--no double entendre intended! Every summer when we're on the Cape he never seems to be without it.

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