Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hang up and drive

This morning I volunteered at WSHU for their one-day winter membership drive. Too many of the calls I took were folks on their phones while driving to work...while it was sleeting. I suggested to one of the station's employees that during membership drives they have another kind of announcement: a simulated caller getting pulled over by the police while making a pledge...or worse yet, the volunteer in the radio station hearing an accident over the phone while taking down a credit card number.

I may love Jesus, I may even honk for him but I'm in no hurry to meet him. Drive safely, dear blogfriends, especially during these winter months.

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Jan said...

Great cartoon. I like the part about texting--a young married man from here died about six months ago in a car crash because he was texting. That's funny that your husband sent you the dinosaur cartoon I put on my blog. It was new for me.