Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lord, save us (from your followers)

In this age of rampant fundamentalism, whether believer or atheist, this movie looks like a possible balm in Gilead for those of us who have been wounded by dogmatic beliefs.


Jan said...

That's pretty amazing that someone would make such a movie. Thanks for telling us about it. I think I'll put it on my blog, too. Thanks, Cynthia.

Suzanne said...

Hey, let's go see this when it comes out.

Cynthia said...

Great, Jan!

It has a limited viewing. I went to the website to see where it is playing and it's mostly west of the Mississippi.

If you want to have it play in your area, you have to have a guaranteed audience of 750 - 1000. I heard about this movie through the Milford town clergy group. A church there might be able to get a viewing.